Tip Top Invoicing Sheet

Shared Tasks- Anna

1. Create deadline section
The Manifest deadline is Thursday of every week at 1:30pm for Apartments and at 4:30pm for Houses. All manifests need to be submitted to Suga (Distribution Coordinator) in the Distribution department before the deadline in order for them to be keyed in into AMS.
I will have to prepare bank deposits around 12 p.m. immediately after receiving the daily mail on a specific day that Neela asks me to do it, so she will take the deposits to the bank and she will have sufficient time before bank closing to make the deposits.
The deadline for Advertising Account Managers and Senior Account Managers to submit the Bonus Sales Commission reports is Tuesday at 12 p.m. (bi-weekly) and all the reports need
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The invoicing sheets together with the purchase orders will need to be printed. The invoices will be keyed in under Tip Top company name. The invoices will be created under A/R customers’ module. The customer code will be taken from the invoicing sheets and will be used to find the correct customer. New Tip Top customers will need to be setup in QuickBooks. I will enter customer’s name, phone number, email address, company address and credit terms that will be taken from the invoicing sheet. Some invoicing sheets will need to be scanned and emailed to Tammy for correction and/or clarification. I will need to make notes in them. When the credit terms don’t appear on the invoicing sheet I will have to email Tammy at Tip Top to find out from her before giving the invoicing sheet to Neela for review. The reply email from Tammy will have to be attached to the back after invoicing sheet. I will need to update the contact sheet for Tip Top with new email addresses when customer provides me with new email address or when Tammy sends me new customers to set up. The invoice will need to be duplicated from existing invoice or a new one will be created from the beginning. All the invoices together with the invoicing sheets will be put in the for review folder that is labeled Tip …show more content…
All changes to manifests need to be approved by Neela or Emilio. If an invoice needs to be modified, I will key in the letter “R” that stands for revised and in the body of the invoice I will type word “Revised”.
Kevin Yun will bring the Millstone Media invoices and they will need to be keyed in the company name called Millstone. I will need to search for the correct name of the customer and I will duplicate an existing invoice. I will enter the revised information and print the invoice. I will email Kevin copies of the invoices and in the same time I will give him back the invoices.
3. Create a Section on “How to Open/Sort

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