Examples Of Sexism In Health Care

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It would be preferable for people to have a feminist health care system but there a lot of obstacles to achieving it. The main things to focus on to solve the problems faced with health care today are increasing knowledge, understanding of differences, paying more attention to social impact on health, and getting corresponding support from other institutions. There are aspects to consider for patients, for health care practitioners, as well as costs, time, institutions and deeply embedded institutionalized discrimination. However, this shift could be set into motion by making accurate knowledge of gendered bodies more widespread and in particular, giving women and minorities more legitimacy, both as doctors and as patients. Social and mental …show more content…
Patients experience sexism, and it isn’t only to the detriment of women. Assumptions and expectations about how women and men should act are reinforced by sexism. Patients also encounter compulsive heterosexuality, which leads to denial of the existence of alternative sexualities and leaves little consideration for those who don’t fit that expectation. Physicians don’t get to take enough time with their patients. BESIDES, Physicians aren’t very supportive of people who refuse to follow their advice, because they prefer compliant patients who cooperate with their orders and recommendations. That said, even their recommendations aren’t completely within their control, because they don’t control what treatment options are available, so even though they may know that one option is better fitting for someone, due to policies and procedures or other incentives, they’re not always able to recommend the best measures for someone’s health. Wealthier people, due to their ability to pay and their access to private treatments are given preferential care. Insurance companies are involved in what a patient is covered for, and because of cost in particular, they tend to oversimplify and choose what’s convenient for them in terms of their expenses. …show more content…
In health care disciplines there would also be more accurate knowledge of women’s bodies (Lorber and Moore “SCI” 141).
There have been some improvements to the system. For example, a 2011 study of abortions by the Guttmacher Institute concluded that there were less pregnancies and their consequences (birth, abortion) in the later years of the study (2008-2011) than in 2008, possibly due to better knowledge of how to properly use contraceptives. We can improve further by decreasing legal restrictions on pregnancy, because

Everyone would benefit from a feminist health care system. It would definitely rock the status quo, institutions, and power structures. There would be a lot to adjust to, economically and socially. There would be lots of resistance from people who want power, to keep their money, to keep assumptions about women in place, and let poor people and minorities suffer because they don’t see how it benefits them. A feminist health care system would also need to sustainable, to interest profit-minded people would have to see how it could benefit them. food for

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