Examples Of Screen Resolutions

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Screen Resolutions: What You Should Know

Resolution refers to the number of pixels on an image. A pixel is a tiny illumination that makes up an image. A good example is when you use Microsoft Paint with Microsoft Windows. Zoom in a little, click on the pencil and make a single dot. That could be considered a pixel. Many pixels on the screen may make up an image that you are able to recognise.


If you were to watch a video on your PC and you were able to zoom the image in very closely, you would see the smooth image become more pixilated.

Image Resolution With Regards To Photo Quality

Remember that resolution refers to the number of pixels on an image. If you take a photo with a low-resolution camera, then the image will contain fewer pixels. A
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The image on the right is a lower-resolution image than the one on the left. The reason the image on the right looks so different is because it has fewer pixels with which to build an accurate and good-looking picture. The image on the left has a higher density of pixels. It has a higher density of building blocks for the image, so it is able to define more detail.

Image Resolution With Regards To Monitor Picture Quality

As you can imagine, the pixel density, aka how many pixels the image uses, will affect the quality of the picture as a whole. The picture resolution simply refers to the image itself and how many pixels it is using; the same is true for videos. Your monitor resolution is a different thing completely.

When you bought your monitor, you should have seen your monitor specs, which will have detailed your monitor resolution. This also refers to the number of pixels your monitor may have, but unlike images, it is not a reference to how many pixels the monitor has, more it is a measure of how many pixels your monitor can “show.”

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