Examples Of Religion Contradiction: A Path Toward Unity And Disunity

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Religion Contradiction: A path towards unity or disunity?

According to sunysuffolk.edu, Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanly to an order of existence. Based on Wikipedia.com it is said that “the Philippines has more than 10 religions existing in the country. 80% of the Filipinos are considered to be Catholic, 4% of the Muslims and 16% are for the other religions”. If you look at it, Catholics are dominating the numbers. It is only a fact that the Philippines can be considered as a Catholic country. Because of the dominance in numbers of Catholics, they sometimes discriminate other religions because they outnumbered them or just because they are different. Having different religion
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I believe it really does. There are too many thoughts and views in different angles of life. Based on my experienced, is that I personally felt that they are not comfortable with each other when they are different. They didn't want to admit it to themselves, but a lot of them were very biased and judgmental of others. These negative ideas we tend to make starts the disunity. It is all very well to aspire to ''unity'', but base on http://www.smh.com.au/ is that unity is an overrated, undefined ideal, and division in a fact of life. So as long as we obey the law, respect fundamental human rights and ''live and let live'', it should not matter what our respective beliefs are. Using religion as a cause of disunity is not a reasonable …show more content…
As we have each other’s ego and pride which is also causing the disunity that if we controlled it could lead to unity. Disunity happens because people are selfish. They have their own desires, personal goals, and individual needs. Most of us thinks that choosing what's best for our own sake is the quickest way to achieving it. But in the end, this may actually hinders us from getting what we really want faster than the way we least expect it. For me, we must make a difference to ourselves. We must not be naive. Friendship and hospitality is something we must value that even innocent helpless people perceives as a good act of individuality. As we go on in having our selfishness we also have problems in terms of willingness to participate and cooperate with each other without asking anything in return. This philosophy is the ideal thinking. Most people thought of refusing to accept that this saying was impossible to proclaim with. We are born for a specific purpose, and for that reason itself comes with a greater expectation from others in return. The only difference would be, either that purpose should be expected as a personal gain or for a bigger picture that in the end, more individuals besides yourself will benefit from it. The question here is, who will you

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