Personal Narrative: Reading Memoir

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Reading Memoir “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go,” Wrote Dr. Seuss. Reading is the best way key to have a huge knowledge. Reading is all around us. For example, people read Facbook, blogs, numbers, recipes, signs, and newspaper. When you were a child, rudimentary knowledge of the English writing system. Teach your kids how to love reading because this is the door that will make them intellectuals and different than or kids. Reading will make you unusual. For me, I do not like to read too much, but I wish when I was young, I read more than I read before. I prefer to listening to ebooks or reading books. I might do not like reading because no one make me feel …show more content…
I just do not like anyone to force me to read and especially if it is a book I do not like. I would love to read books make us in me feel better and try to change myself in a good way. Books like The Pact and Saved, books make us in a positives and inspirations feelings to do good things. MalcolmX said, “It had really begun back in the Charlestown prison, when Bimbi first made me feel envy of his stock of knowledge. Bimbi had always taken charge of any conversation he was in, and I had tried to emulate him.” After that happened with MalcomX, made him feel jealous, so that is why he started reading books to be better than Bimbi and try to win any conversation he will be in next time. Same thing for The Pact, The Pact is the great book talking about the three young boys that they took a pact to become a doctors. They were helping each other to be successful in or even out the school. Everyone was has a terrible life outside the school. They could go on the wrong way and do bad things, but they decide to be good and they successfully did that. Everyone now is taking them as a model to be like them. Reading books can make you feel good, teach a lesson, and inspire you. As William Nichals, author of the play Shadowlands, said “We read to know we are not alone.” Books give us a sense of

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