Examples Of Racism In The House We Live In

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In the film “The House We Live in” addresses different factors of race and how race has led to advantages in some groups at the expense of others. One of the subjects presented in the film was how constructed racial views that effected housing situations for nonwhite individuals. For instance the characteristics of white flight. White flight occurs when a neighborhood, a formerly white neighborhood begins to assimilate, even if individual whites don 't have particular or psychological hostility or racial animosity, they still have an economic motivation to move somewhere else. They know that others could make similar calculation and depart as well. It becomes a vicious circle where whites estimate that more whites are going to move when a neighborhood assimilates, consequently they want to leave first to evade profit losses. Additionally there is also blockbusting. This is where a real estate agents …show more content…
While we have eliminated particular acts of racism and discrimination there is still racism alive today. Racism fluctuates from the individual to the institutional level and exhibits and imposes a general view, in white dominated culture that color people are secondary to whites. An example of this is white privilege. White skin privilege is not a thing that white people essentially do, generate or like on purpose. Contrasting the obvious individual and institutional indicators of racism defined previously, white skin privilege is a see-through preference for whiteness that affects our society. White skin privilege performs numerous functions. It provides white people with incentives and creates real advantages. For example white people don’t see their skin color working against them, but for other people it can create how others perceive a financial responsibility, style of attire, public speaking abilities, or work

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