Examples Of Problem Solving Scenario

I have decided to write about Scenario 2 for this assignment. I have found this scenario to be one that I can relate to having two school-age children that have been in this situation. As outlined by our webtext I will use the six-step problems solving process.
Problem-solving is the process where we work to get a solution to a specific problem. Problem-solving by definition is the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues. It takes several steps to get to an acceptable solution of each problem.
There are six steps on the problem-solving process from the article "The problem-solving process". This is a breakdown and review of the process to the second scenario.
Step One: Define the problem & Step Two: Problem Analysis
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We know from our experiences that the child should not be left on their own to complete the work, and it is our jobs as parents to help guide our children through life to teach them the basic principles of solving problems and examining life. The real question for the parent here is how much involvement is too much involvement?
Step Three: Generate options & Step Four: Evaluate options
For this scenario, there are many possible solutions parents can do to assist.
Option 1 - Provide more reference materials. Ask the child to go over the list of supplies needed for the project and check off the supplies that they already have.
Option 2 - Provide limited parent assistance. Make a copy of the list and get the supplies needed to complete the project and supply them to your
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It is a natural instinct as a parent to want to help and be involved in your child 's education until they can do it on their own. Even after they have made it to that point in their life you as a parent will still do what you can to help them. The best option is option three because it allows you as the parent to assist your child while providing them the benefit of the experience that they need without just doing the project for them or, on the other hand, letting them struggle. I believe that putting the option in motion can be tricky if your child feels the need to do the project own their own, but once you sat down and talked it out with your child, I believe they would see the benefit to you stepping in and assisting. Also, it could be beneficial if you implemented option one with option three as this allows them to feel like they are more in charge of the project and you are just assisting in helping get them what they need to complete it. It is important to build our child 's self-esteem so that they feel they can come to the parent with more questions about the

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