Examples Of Patience In The Crucible

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Patience is key for a judge because most times, people do not want to confess their crimes right away. However, Danforth showed that he did not hold this quality. Often times, he would try and force a confession of witchcraft out of people. He never gave people time to open up and either tell the truth, or lie. For example, Danforth makes Reverend Hale try to make Rebecca Nurse confess that she is a witch. Once Hale says that he needs more time to make her open up, Danforth gets mad because he wants people to profess their witchcraft in that moment in time. The impatience is what makes Danforth such bad fit for a judge because there is no way of getting anything done correctly without having some leniency and patience with people. Through Danforth’s impatience, he also showed that he was highly unintelligent. …show more content…
This was not the case for Danforth because he never made decisions on his own. He always went with the majority of the people and they always said that the person was guilty. He also showed his unintelligence when he said that he could not stop hanging people since he had already started. He says this because he had already said the names of the people that will get hanged and if he backs out on his plan now, then the people will not respect him. This is completely simpleminded because the smart thing to do would be to stop the hangings and reassure everyone that there is no threat to the town and people. Nonetheless, he does not choose this route and continues as he was. Since Danforth is being downright obtuse to this entire situation, he ends up putting the town in more of a downward spiral than it already was. The beginning of this descent all started when Danforth started being utterly biased towards certain

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