Examples Of Nursing Diagnosis Impaired Social Interaction

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Nursing Diagnosis
The diagnosis, impaired social interaction related to limited social interaction as evidences by always being at home with their mother, was chosen because it would help the children to further their social skills. Currently, children spend most of their time at home during the week with their mother. For some children, this is something that causes them to have lower social skills due to being exposed to fewer people. Throughout it as apparent that this was a factor for these children. It was proven by emotional actions, such as crying when told no, or interrupting when asking to wait to talk. This diagnosis will help them become more social and behave more appropriately in social settings such as school and work.
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It was nice to meet with your family the few times that we were able to as well as being able to talk with you over the phone when meeting in person did not work out. What We Offered Your Family. The way that your family can keep such a good schedule and work together is great. Even though as the parents of the family you are not always allowed a lot of time together alone without your children you can keep a wonderful relationship between the two of you. You both have great relationships with your children as well. Since you both work hard to provide for your family in your own ways it works great for one of you to work and the other to provide very good care to your children.
1. We offered your family different views about children staying at home with one parent, how it can be positive and negative.
2. We provided different options on how to get your children interacting with others better and the benefits of those social interactions.
3. We gave your family a few different options for you to work with your children on being emotionally stable even when someone is not available to give them their attention for long periods of
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Your family taught us many things and they are as follows:
1. We learned that it is possible for a family to be very successful with only one parent making an income and the other raising the children.
2. Your extended family is very important to you. This taught us that it is crucial to be close with extended family members because they are helpful when you need help with your children. They also allow for your children to interact with other people than yourselves.
3. Sports can bring and keep a family close together when all members are actively involved.
4. Routine is important to keeping the family structured and allows both parents to obtain positive outcomes from the workloads they take on each day.
Even though we cannot say that your family’s future will be free of conflicts, we hope that we provided you with helpful information to ease getting through them. We valued our time spent with your family, and learned many positive things from your family. Best of wishes to your entire family.

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