Examples Of Nonverbal Communication In Nursing

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The title of this article is "Nonverbal Communication Behaviors of Internationally Educated Nurses and Patient Care." The aim of this study is to find out which nonverbal communication behaviors can be improved. Fifty-two internationally educated nurses from the United States took part in this study. Each nurse had to perform a clinical assessment on their patient and each one of these assessments was recorded. The nonverbal behaviors that were measured include "eye contact, smiling, shaking hands and etc." Each behavior had their own definition for observing purposes. The data collected shows that some of the nonverbal communication behavior should be improved in order to improve the patients ' quality of care. This study …show more content…
Six non-verbal communication skills were observed which includes eye gaze, nodding, and smiling. The study was done by videotaping the nurse-elderly interactions in which the camera focuses on only the nurse and the patient. Forty-seven nurses and one hundred and nine patients took part in this study, accounting for one hundred eighty-one recorded interactions. The study found that forty-one percent of the observation time, the nurse was looking directly at the patient. In most of the encounters the nurse can be seen smiling and nodding. Nurses were observed using instrumental touch more than affective touch. Instrumental touch is basically physical contact with the patient in order to perform a task. Affective touch is physical contact that does not involve performing a task. The study shows that nurses, who show more nonverbal behavior, build a closer relationship with the patients. At the end, the article talks about some future questions like the patient’s opinion on their encounter with the

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