Examples Of Monologue In Othello

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This one terrible lie has affected me greatly. My insecurities have led to disbelief, jealousy and ignorance which all played a role in a crisis that I will never forget. It had always been difficult being an outsider in a society filled with people who say hurtful things about my race. Despite being the general of Venice, I was never confident in myself and always questioned my ability to protect the people. Everyone thought the worst of me and believed that I have a wicked soul. Even though I was constantly judged, I made sure to be a strong leader and think positively in order to keep my position. Brabantio was very respectful and invited me to his home where I was treated with respect and got the opportunity to live a pleasant life. At this very place, I met a …show more content…
Desdemona’s love had made me forget all my past struggles, and believed in my intentions. She saw past all the hatred towards me which made me begin to see many possibilities to aspire and be successful. The one thing I regret was not being a faithful husband to my wife …show more content…
Iago’s lie is the cause of my never ending pain. That manipulative Iago played with my emotions like it was game that only he could win.
How could I be foolish enough to believe all these lies? His twisted words affected my thoughts allowing me to doubt my beloved Desdemona. I did it! I could not see past his schemes and fell right into his trap where he took advantage of me only for a position.
How could I even think about doubting Desdemona? I was blinded by my jealousy and could not see past his lies. I was ignorant and let him control my life. Iago destroyed my relationship which led to a decision that I regret for the rest of my life. “Then must

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