Examples Of Media Bias In Media

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Media Biased: Minorities worldwide being racially discriminated

When will minorities get depicted as the good guys instead of the bad guys by the media? The media are biased against people of color, they are often the criminals in their stories and whites are the authority. There are many instances where minorities are not given an opportunity to prosper in American society. The media play a big role on how people perceive others by their discrimination and stereotypes. We the people need more diversity in the media system, so minorities are treated with more equal opportunities.

Despite the political rights and power that minorities have obtained, they are unrepresented in the media. They are usually portrayed as criminals, they aren’t really covered in the media for their accomplishments, and the media is contributing to cultivating negative stereotype.

Minorities who are they and what is a minority? To define a minority according to Webster’s dictionary is: a group of people who are different from the larger group in a country, area, etc., in some way (such as race or religion) these people are: African American, Hispanics, Asian and Pacific Islanders, and American Indians. Throughout History we can see the racism in the media industry towards minorities. According to some research, Black characters have appeared in American films since the
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Media bias not only negatively impacts black America’s relationship with law enforcement and the judicial system (pdf) but also extends to how African-Americans are perceived in society at large. Couple the findings of Harvard’s Project Implicit, which determined that about 88 percent of white Americans have implicit racial bias against black people, with a racially homogeneous media industry, and the toxic environment that leads to media injustice is thrown into stark

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