Examples Of Materialism In The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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Have you ever had your American Dream come true? Something that you desired finally happen to you? In the Necklace by Guy de Maupassant, translated by Edgar V. Roberts, has two main characters: Mathilde Loisel (Madame Loisel), who is a round character, and her husband, Monsieur Loisel, who is a flat character and works for the Ministry of Education. Although Monsieur Loisel did not have much, he did everything in his power to make sure he and his wife lived a comfortable life. Madame Loisel had a desire for more: she wanted wealth, she wanted to be able to look and feel rich. She felt wealth was being able to show off your riches through materialism. One evening she got to experience the life she yearned for, but also learned that everything …show more content…
She danced, chatted with other women and men, and had even been recognized by significant clerks. Her grim apartment and three-day old table cloth no longer bothered her, she was living in the moment. She hurried home and admired herself one last time – she didn’t look complete. Her necklace was gone! The necklace she borrowed was no longer around her neck. She was sure she left the party with it, being that she had looked at her self-one last time before she left. According Jenkins, depending on the object borrowed it can define your social life without others knowing the truth. She wished to have this necklace to be in a social class, which she did not belong to. Monsieur Loisel did his best to find the necklace. He went to the cab companies, the police headquarters, and even the newspaper to set out a reward. There was no luck in finding the necklace. Of course, being that the necklace was gone they had to someway find out how to repay Mrs. Forrestier. Instead of going to Mrs. Forrestier explaining the issue, Madame Loisel wrote her friend saying, she could not immediately return the necklace, allowing her and her husband time to buy it back. They went from shop to shop and finally found a replica. Originally, the jewel was priced at forty thousand francs, and they would be able to buy it for thirty-six thousand francs. Since it took a while for him to save up four hundred francs he had no choice but to go into his savings, which his father had left eighteen thousand francs for him. Then borrowed the rest from

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