Examples Of Long Term And Career Objectives

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Long-term objectives
Professional Objective My professional or career objectives include attaining the level of IT Vice President in a Fortune 50 company within five years. In particular, I want to lead international IT operations for a transnational company. To achieve this, I need to maintain an ‘exceeding’ rating on my annual performance reviews.
Financial objective
As an IT Vice President, I want to earn $250,000 per year, with a 40% annual bonus, and a 40% stock options grant. Furthermore, I want to save $3.5 million for my retirement at age 65. To achieve my retirement objective, I will contribute at least 15% of my annual salary to my 401K plan, and save a further $15,000 per year by investing directly in the stock market.
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Beyond that, I am confident that I will achieve all of my future educational goals, including graduating with an MBA degree in 2020. Over the last two years, I learned that without a solid plan, and the discipline and motivation to execute that plan, even the most vivid dream is still nothing more than a dream. As such, I recognize the need for short-term and long-term plans to realize my future goals.
To achieve my short-term education objectives, I included them in my Personal Action Plan. I will review progress towards those goals weekly or monthly, and adjust my schedule and plan accordingly. As I prepare for enrollment in an MBA program, I will have several short-term goals as I collect and complete the necessary enrollment information. Those goals are tracked monthly. To complete the two certification programs I selected, I created a plan that tracks my progress weekly instead of monthly. I need to finish both certification programs before I start the MBA program, so time is of the

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