Honesty And Fairness In The Automotive Industry

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Honesty and fairness is the all-encompassing issue within the automotive industry, touching on safety versus cost and environmental impact. However, it is most prominent in the automotive repair industry. Customers are once again the primary stakeholder affected by this issue, as they are taken advantage of for increased profits by mechanics and automotive salesman. Similar to the previous two issues, honesty and transparency are paramount values when it comes to the fairness of prices.
The most common place where honesty and fairness is an issue within the automotive industry is at repair shops. Customers are sometimes hit with extra repairs or prices that the mechanic describes as necessary because the customer is desperate and may not understand
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It was discovered, after some time, that the mechanics had been showing them a dirty air filter from another car in order to trick the customer into thinking they needed to make the purchase and the service (Walters). Mechanics also use practices called “gravy work” and “wallet flush” to charge customers more for unneeded repairs. Gravy work is when a mechanic does the repairs that were asked for by a customer, but then add on extra hours onto the bill. Wallet flushing is when mechanics offer unnecessary add-on services simply to drive up the price of a simple job (Wagschal).
The majority of people are not very knowledgeable when it comes to their vehicles. In these instances, it makes it extremely difficult for the consumer to protect themselves. If a mechanic tells the customer that something must be fixed or replaced on their car, people will tend to agree and allow the work to be done, trusting that the mechanic understands the situation better than themselves. These practices have created a stigma around repair shops, with many customers being afraid to take their car in for something as simple and as necessary as an oil

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