Examples Of Heroism

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Heroism Lives in Us I have come to view all people as having the potential to exhibit heroic quality, but this has not always been the case throughout my life. I predominantly used to identify heroism as only being attainable by men. Personal experience and fictional television molded who I believed displayed authentic, genuine acts of heroism. I came to realize my oblivious beliefs as a child would not serve me well in the real world. The expectations of what it means to demonstrate such heroism continues to change dramatically as I grow older. Furthermore, when a person has impressed upon me a great desire for serving all God’s creation with love, humility, selflessness, through pain, physical challenge, heartache and all while being without …show more content…
As I have said, such brave acts are a reminder that there is good in the world. For instance, stories of heroism flood news channels, social media, and other news outlets daily. These stories vary from a person or animal being rescued, someone donating blood; plasma, bone marrow or choosing to be an organ donor. In addition, there are stories of pregnant mothers who sacrifice their lives for their unborn child. Furthermore, we have public servants, Military, and medical professionals who can be considered heroic just for selecting these careers. Their jobs require a lot of commitment, and can be dangerous. On the contrary, many times, the hero does not even know they will be displaying such heroism before it happens. They just happen to be there at the right time, and chose to let heroism spring into action, instead of letting fear take over. Therefore heroism leaves us with a reminder that love is real, and faith in humanity exists, even in the light of tragedy. Witnessing the good, that can come from the bad, can inspire new

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