Examples Of Hard Universalism

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We live in a society that have different moral differences. It is hard for people to actually understand the concept of right and wrong. Because, not everyone shares the same idea of what constitutes decent behavior.
Rosenstand has four major paths to choose from. There is nihilism, ethical relativism, soft universalism, and hard universalism. They are all very different, she puts nihilism and hard universalism one opposite ends of a spectrum. After reading these moral beliefs, I am inclined to believe in hard universalism. That there is one universal moral code. Being a Christian, and reading the bible, I think a person either does what God says is right or they do wrong. In the bible, the 10 commandments are a perfect example of hard universalism. The ten commandments were given to the Israelites by God on Mount Sinai. These ten commandments were given to show us how to live a better life and glorify God. They are the absolute truth and not dependant on social norms. God gives us all choices each and every day, and there is
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Moral nihilism is the view that within ethics nothing is inherently moral or immoral, and neither your opinion or mine matters in the end. This view also believes that there are no universal "oughts." Meaning that there is nothing anyone ought to do such as protect someone. I don’t believe anyone really follows moral nihilism, they might think they do. I just don’t see how you could think that everyone has their own truth and everyone is right. It makes no sense at all to me or how that could even work in society. They should have no problem with someone that thinks abuse, murder, rape ect. is all right because that is their truth. That is why I don’t believe people really accept moral nihilism. A true nihilist would believe nothing is wrong, therefore they could never argue with anyone because no matter what they say both people would be

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