Examples Of Habit 6 Essay

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Register to read the introduction… It means that you have to develop a clear picture of where you want to go with your life and draw a map to get there. On other words, decide what your values are, and set your goals because if you fail to reach your goal, you will waste your time. Therefore, to go for your goal you should do two things. First, Count the cost which means how many times you set a goal and later on you don’t achieve it. Let’s begin to count the cost, imagine that you want to get good grades in your courses. First you have to spend more time in studying, stay up late at nights, and spend less time hanging out with your friends, after counting the cost you will get good grades that make you feel happy. Next thing is that put it in pen that means write your goals so you will have the power to achieve your goals whenever you read your goals. For instance, write a list of qualities that you want to give you hope when you read the list to achieve your …show more content…
"The whole is greater than sum of the parts" this is the purpose of habit 6.
Working together with people; can have a better and higher way to have the best job without any trite than either could alone. Group work might have different celebrating, open-minded. As a result, you will learn differently, see differently, and have different styles.
On the other hand, when you work alone, you will work independent, and you will think that you are always right. On the whole, you can have synergy everywhere because it is not a complex thing and you can mostly feel about it. In fact, synergy is a process that you have to make, so it won't just happen if you are not getting there. As well, with different cultures, races, religions, and ideas, you can get an important decision to improve work environment. Moreover, if you want to make a great team, you have to be sure that you encourage people to work together.
Moving to last Habit which is called sharpen the saw. It’s about self renewal that makes yourself sharp so you can have a better deal with life. There are four dimensions of renewal
1- Body: you have to exercise daily, eat healthy food, sleep well and

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