Gender Bias In The Workplace Essay

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Why are people not outside of the Vatican or golf courses asking them to change their ways and beliefs toward women? Women in the workplace face many obstacles trying to break these stereotypes but it is difficult because of the lack of support they have. I have been privy to conversations where an attractive female colleague passes by and someone makes a comment about her attractiveness. Guys are still attracted and distracted by a short skirt or tight fitting pants when it comes to the opposite sex because they are viewed as sex objects other than valued colleagues. So if a pretty woman is up in front in the room presenting a sales pitch to buy out a competitor is the focus on her presentation or how she looks in those high heels shoes? Women’s physical appearance fall victim to discrimination more often than their male counterparts. Although, …show more content…
Few issues initiate more debates than the effects of gender bias and discrimination. Any type of discrimination has a damaging effect on you whether consciously or subconsciously. Being exposed to discrimination, I could tell you it effects your self-esteem both socially and professionally. Your confidence is lowered because your peers or colleagues do not respect your opinion or value your work. Emotionally it takes a toll on you. Once you feel underappreciated and undervalued, you lose the motivation to perform your job effectively and efficiently. You feel less a part of the team. This creates anxiety, self-doubt, anger, exclusion, and fear that you may fall under the negative stereotype prescribed to you. There are extreme cases of resentment such as one harming themselves to ease the pain of discrimination or situations that resort in some form of destruction to other people, employer, coworker or property. All these effects lead to unhappy employees that will translate into companies experiencing high levels of turnover, which is detrimental to organizations performance and their bottom

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