Examples Of Gender Objectification Of Women

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Register to read the introduction… An example of this can be seen everywhere in society today. Which I believe that women are portrayed all less than equal to men, not only by society, but by the mass media as well! Women are looked down upon in society and are viewed as sexual beings. It seems that women are viewed as animals on display in the zoo and it is the media that are their zookeepers. They restrain women in exhibits when they are portrayed negatively in the mass media. Men use their bodies as accessories in their videos to be hip or to make up for lack of creativity or talent. Women stew about narrow negative ways they are nearly always portrayed. They are either quick tempered and full of attitude like Tyler Perry’s Medea character, they are barely dressed, brazenly sexual are either dealing with family dysfunctions or in desperate need for fame and love. So why are women objectified and degraded in these ways? To put it succinctly, sex sells. Provocative images of partially clothed or naked women grab the viewer’s attention. Women become sexual objects when their bodies and sexuality is linked to products. They show that women are objects rather than human beings. Although women aim for the outgoing looks there are women who make a difference in a positive …show more content…
Music videos are an obvious source which show how women are depicted very negatively, benign as they think they may be, for some people music videos and movies are the only glimpse into black life that they will ever have. Hip hop videos routinely show all women nearly nude simulating sex acts and dancing erotically. For example Nikki Minaj video Stupid, negatively objectifies women. Much advertising involving female models is semi-pornographic. It conforms to a perception of women as sexual objects. Most advertising also uses models with a fairly homogenous set of physical characteristics and styles them so that they are often interchangeable. This approach emphasizes a view of women as essentially biddable, objects. Also Karen Steffens video dancer and author of confessions of a video vixen came out with a book which degraded herself, her family and son by telling them her personal life problems and sex life. (National Public Radio) interviewed Karen who stated “I already had a perception of what I wanted to be. I was looking for someone who looked like me and I wanted to emulate that beauty.” It is blind to women that if you don’t have grand jobs, money can at all times out of reach. But, when is that going to be the hurdle that women cross or jump over, the excuse of the past? It no longer holds any value. The display is what makes the destruction, there are those who rather see the culture in its broken structure, than to fathom that America can shine as a whole positive on this planet. African American Women degrade themselves in many different ways but some of them do not realize what they have been notified as and why everybody in the media feels that

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