Examples Of Foreshadowing In Antigone

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“Ethics are not necessarily to do with being law-abiding. I am very interested in the moral path, doing the right thing.”-Kate Atkinson. In the classic Greek play Antigone written by Sophocles, one woman goes up against the law, to pay respects to her family, fights for the rules of God and to follow her own moral path. The theme of this play is ‘Do what is right regardless of the consequences.’
Sophocles uses literary devices such as foreshadowing, symbolism and irony to help further develop and express this theme throughout the play. The use of foreshadowing in Antigone is very prominent. In the prologue of the play when Antigone and Ismene are having a conversation there is foreshadowing in almost every sentence. One important
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The use of irony in the play not only creates some kind of comedic relief in an otherwise tragic plot but it also help develop this concept of personal moral vs public decree.“ Creon buried our brother eteocles with military honor gave him a soldier's funeral and it was right that he should but polyneices they fought as bravely and died as miserably they say that Creon has sworn no one shall bury him no one shall mourn for him”(line 16-20). This quote shows that Antigone understands the irony of the situation considering one brother is viewed as a hero and his honored but the other one is a traitor in the eyes of the state. This concept helps for the develop the theme because it shows how Antigone goes up against the public law to bury polyneices. This irony creates and even greater irony because Antigone decision shows that she has more moral strength than the king even though she is a woman and is considered weak. Literary devices in Antigone play a very important role in broadcasting the theme of the play. They not only help the reader understand the author's theme but also help them create their own. Following your own path and doing what you believe is right regardless of what will happen is the concept of this play.After analyzing many literary elements of the play you have come to the conclusion that the theme is supported in many

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