Examples Of Ethical Dilemmas In Criminal Justice

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Register to read the introduction… Those who are corporative and follow direction on a regular basis will be rewarded. This gives the inmates an incentive to be good which would cause less stress for the workers. This would cause for clear directions and consistency from supervisor to supervisor (Callisto,2004). Training will be given to all the correctional officers to ensure they are doing everything the same way; that way the inmates know what they will expect if they do wrong. Not only that but give training to the correctional officers for riot management, restraint use, and defense tactics so they feel ready and secure at all times (Callisto,2004). When it comes to the work release program, there will be a screening process. Those who have less disciplinary actions around the prison, those who are working within the prison and showing improvement will be able to go. This gives those who are working on the inside of the prison more control over the inmate who are still in there while the other are on work release. Inmates who aren’t usually the instigators will be away from those who do instigate and cause problems. In order to lessen the weapon use, the strict daily routine will hopefully decrease the use and the fact that the inmates will be rewarded for good behavior will hopefully deter them from making …show more content…
Although as students we do not know everything about the law or the little technical rules each person in a different career has to follow we do understand that they are humans just like us. There may be times where what we want to do may not always be the right choice. The parole board doesn’t want to let criminals free but it seems like the right choice due to the negative consequences. Each individual person needs to weigh the good and bad of each decision. Working in the Criminal Justice system is where most of the ethical dilemmas will arise out of all the other career paths. Reason being is because we are dealing with human beings who have rights just like us. Due to the fact that they have chosen to break the rules there are certain guidelines and laws we still have to follow to ensure everyone is being treated fairly. Each ethical dilemma that you may face will probably always have consequences the tough part is figuring out which consequences are worth dealing

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