Discursive Essay On The Atomic Bomb

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Discursive essay on whether the dropping of the atomic bomb was entirely justifiable
The argument to whether the dropping of the atomic bomb was entirely justifiable has been quite controversial. This is due to the cause that it had negative influences on Japan however America was trying to defend their country as it has been stated that Japan most likely would not have surrendered. Though, the Japanese did suffer with casualties of their civilians and soldiers.

The Americans had reasons to drop the atomic bomb. As stated previously the Americans were worried about their life and wanted to end the World War 2 by dropping the bomb. They did this so that the Japanese would be forced to surrender, as it was unlikely for the Japanese to willingly surrender. Another reason that seemed to justify America dropping the bomb was the chance to decrease the casualty rate through the bomb. It was said that while the United States wanted to invade the main islands, Japan was sending up to two million soldiers to war and also millions of auxiliaries to defend their homeland. They would defend their land with their life, using sticks, pitchforks and rocks to keep away the invading force. The casualty rate from fighting on Iwo Jima and Okinawa had cost over 100 000 lives and it was estimated that
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Japan severely suffered from the bombs and America were worried about their country and wanted to ensure that the war would be finished. I think that the atomic bomb could have been avoided. America did give warning prior to the bomb, however it all could have been avoided if they had continued with their plan to do a blockade and intense bombing. They did play an important key factor in starting the cold war, however they launched into the nuclear age at the same time. All these incidents were needed to have developed history, however the outcome could have been more positive if they had not launched the

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