Essay On Women Discrimination In The Workplace

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If you search “Women’s rights in the workplace” on the Internet you are likely to find articles that have something to do with women’s rights in the past and how women stood up to discrimination in the workplace in the past. The majority of people in our society, who hear about those events, assume that those things are fixed and that women have equal rights, but that is far from reality. We need to let go of the past and focus on the problem that is set before us in the present times, women do not receive equal treatment in the workplace.
Women get discriminated against in many different kinds of ways. Women get discriminated against because of their appearances and race.
Women do not receive equal pay for equal work
Companies do not pay the same rate for women as men in the same jobs
Pay rates
Sexual harassment
Being white, black, in or out of shape should not affect a woman’s ability to be employed, but according to Noah Berlatsky’s article “Do Women Experience Discrimination at Work?”, women get discriminated against because of their appearances and race. Appearance
Blackwell 2 does not just affect a woman’s ability to receive employment, it also affects her pay rate (Berlatsky). Women who are obese or ‘‘not
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Seventy percent of women experience sexual harassment at work (Thompson), and who knows how many more women chose not to speak out about being sexually harassed. Seventy percent of women experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace is a staggering number compared to the mere five percent of men who experience sexual harassment at work (Thompson). In her article “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” Rachel Thompson states that the harassment usually comes from supervisors and bosses. Sexual harassment at work could be one of the most traumatizing things for a woman, a work environment is supposed to be a safe place, where a woman should not have the fear of being

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