Discrimination Among Orientation

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Discrimination among Orientation

"One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all". If we are an equal, free and fair country, what makes gays and lesbians so different that they need to have bills and laws passed to just for them to do what a traditional family can do with no problem? Gays and lesbians are consistently denied their rights that are usually taken for granted by the average American. It 's unfair to categorize gay and lesbian couples when they are human beings just like everyone else. They have the right to be happy just like everyone else. All they want is to blend in with society without being looked down on. For several years, there has been hatred and discrimination towards people with a different
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Olsen, editor for The Wall Street Journal, is about how gays and lesbians deserves equal rights like everyone one else and to stop discrimination in all of the states. In his article he stated "... Withholding marriage causes infinite and permanent stigma, pain and isolation" (Olsen Para. 11). It is possible to feel isolated from society when you 're not allowed to marry but other heterosexual couples can. Denying gay couples their rights to marry denies their identity, their dignity and their happiness. From an article written by Bob Avakian, publisher of the Revolution Newspaper, list and discuss the most common rights that gay and lesbian couples are denied but are approved by traditional couples. Avakian listed some facts and statistics of how many couples were denied protection rights. “Office lists more than 1,138 legal and financial protections granted to opposite-sex married couples but denied to same-sex married couples” (Avakian Para. 3). . Even if a same-sex couple are married they are not allowed to get protection rights like a heterosexual couple would. Basic rights are being discriminated against with people with a different sexual …show more content…
Many Christian and Catholics forbid homosexuality in the church. Their responses always refer to the bible of how their God punished those who commits such sin of homosexuality. Many people with a different sexual orientations who are in the church reminds themselves that his love in unconditional and that he loves everyone the same. Religious believer’s opinion on homosexuality is that their lifestyle is a “choice” and since it’s a choice they can somehow force their way back to becoming a heterosexual person. Sadly you cannot force a person to feel a certain way about the opposite sex because it wouldn’t change nothing, homosexuality will still be their lifestyle. Editor Edwards R. Gray wrote his own book called “Gay Religion” that shows conflicts over homosexuality and gay rights within their own religions. One chapter of his book discuss that people with a different sexual orientation do seek pastoral help but are often told to remain quiet about their sexual orientation. Gray stated “This attitude perpetuates social isolation of LBGT members within their religious community” (Gray 108). Later in his chapter he also states “This isolation exacerbates the problems of depression, fear of rejection, and even suicidal concerns” (Gray

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