Examples Of Discrimination Against Arab-Americans

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Discrimination can be found everywhere and anywhere we look. Different generations have seen discrimination towards different groups. Starting with Native Americans, then continuing to African-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Jewish-Americans, and as of most recently Arab-Americans. These ethnicities have one similarity; they are all humans with similar biological properties. There was a big increase in the screening of Arabs after the attacks on the twin towers in New York on September 11, 2001. This major tragic event lead to the association of Arabs and terrorists. Around 27,000 Arab-Americans were interviewed, investigated, or raided by the government and about 6,000 Arab-Americans were detained or arrested. Now these numbers were reported …show more content…
We flew out of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport which wasn’t really an international airport at the time because only a couple flights actually flew internationally. My family was flying to Chicago O'Hare International Airport then flying onward to London Heathrow Airport. I experienced my first taste of discrimination in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport TSA Security Line. My family was waiting for 3 mins in a line about 20 mins long when a TSA Security Officer came up to us and told us that we have been selected by random for additional screening. Many of the people (about 95% white) in the line stared at us but didn’t say anything as we were escorted out of the line to the additional screening. At the time the Explosive Detection Systems was the newest and most expensive screening machine at the airports so most airports only had one. The Explosive Detection Systems is a large white chamber that people walk into. Once inside the automated glass doors close on both sides. Next “Air Puffers On” is announced by the machines then 37 blasts of air come from many strategically positioned angles. The goal of the air puffers is to dislodge particles from the human body and analyses them to detect ingredients for explosives. My whole family went through the embarrassing screening with many people staring at us. But why was my family targeted as possible terrorists when in reality any of the other people in the screening line could’ve had the risk of committing a terrorist

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