Critical Thinking During The Nursing Process Essay

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Thinking Critically During The Nursing Process The nursing process is a collaborative process between nurses and patients. The process involves assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating. At every step in the nursing process, critical thinking skills need to be employed. It is imperative to facilitate a favorable patient-centered outcome by remaining cognizant of hidden sociological and medical factors that affect patients inside and outside of a hospital setting. Thinking critically not only serves the nurse in finding the best approach to care but also helps in recognizing harmful practices. It is the nurse that can think critically, to develop well processed and intellectual approaches, that will be successful in providing the holistic goal of patient-centered care. As medicine and science changes, more responsibility is placed on nurses. As our society changes and broadens in social characteristics, the requirements of nurses expand as well. Nurses will always be in a position where they have to be observant of two factors during their practice. They have …show more content…
It is also necessary for all other decision making associated with nursing. My future in nursing will encompass critical thinking when navigating the nursing process with my patients. It will be a skill that serves not only myself but my patients too. It will help them by enabling me to provide well thought out care. By continuing to develop critical thinking skills, I will hope to build more professional relationships with my colleagues as well. Just as patients come from a diverse socioeconomic background, medical staff do too. Critical thinking can facilitate the process of developing healthy relationships with the other professionals that my patients will rely on. Having an open- minded and respectful approach in working with others will serve my patients in more ways than

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