Examples Of Creation Stories

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Creation, we all believe in it but not all of us know what it means. It’s the beginning, how we and everything around us came to be. Throughout this comparison response I will explore a variety of cultural creation stories ranging from; Greek mythology and Christianity to Norse, Apache and Australian myths.
Different religions and cultures have established their own explanation to life. There was once a time before us when the universe was a vast, void, space, and light, along with everything else, was non-existent. It was like this for, no-one knows how long, awaiting its creation. They call these explanations creation stories. We can infer that from these stories religions have built their foundations and established with a vast number of
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the world that the something greater than us created. When we think of the world we think of big round ball with blue and green patches on it, but it is more than that. The world is the sky, the heavens, the earth, trees, valleys and rivers. Everything surrounding us was created by the something greater than us. According to the ancient religions, the world was created in many different ways, with saying this, there are also many similarities as well. We can infer that the way of in which the earth was created is still an unanswered question. Within creation stories we become aware that no-one has a clear idea on how the earth was made. In the Apache creation story the earth is made from the sweat of all the gods the creator made. The earth begins as a smooth ball with land on one side and water on the other. The heavens were made by the creator and his 28 sky-people whilst the earth was undergoing a great flood. All the creators ‘gods’ were in this flood secured on a floating, hollow sphere. Once the flood was over, the plain earth was filled with rivers, hills, valleys and mountains. The great flood in the apache story is very much like Noahs Ark. Although, in Noah’s ark the flood does not create the form of the earth. Noah’s ark is similar to the floating ball, both the ark and the ball were made prior to the flood. Both Noah and the creator had knowledge the flood was going to occur. Water played a major role in creating earth in all religions. …show more content…
The creators and gods gave us life. They gave us animals, plants, food and the ability to live. With the beginning of procreation only a few humans were placed upon the earth. We can infer that throughout procreation there had to be some form of incest. Adam and Eve were the only two people placed upon the earth in the Christian story. Adam and Eve’s children wouldn’t be able to have children without it being incest. This makes the Christian religion more plausible. In the Apache religion, there are 28 people to populate the earth. Thus making a more believable story. It is expected that we know in these stories how the reproduction of animals and humans happen. It is only in the Australian story that people are created a very different way, through dreams. This is the biggest evidence for evolutionist to confirm that evolution is real. When it comes to procreation, evolving makes more sense and it is nicer to think about. It lacks incest behaviour but still leaves us wondering about the way the animals we evolved from came to be. The creator, god or spirit has left the earth. They are somewhere watching their creation unfold and develop. After the creation of living things, the creator left the earth leaving others or themselves in charge of the world. In the apache and Greek stories, there are many gods watching over our world and taking care of the earth, harvests, water, sky and many more things. In the

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