Examples Of Courage In Freak The Mighty

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The book Freak The Mighty shows courage throughout the book. In the book on the first page Max is bringing himself down and he says,“I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for awhile, and that’s the truth the whole truth. (pg.1)” By what he said it’s easy to believe that all Max needs is courage. Also in the book Max is using courage on page 129 Max is using courage when he is telling killer kane that I saw you kill mom. I also believe the book's theme is courage when Freak is squirting killer kane with the squirt gun, he would needs a lot of courage when he is squirting him. so that is why I believe this book's theme is courage.

In the book, “Freak the Mighty” Max is always bringing himself down, in this part of the book Freak says, “I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for awhile, and that’s the truth the whole truth. (pg.1)” This is proof that Max needs courage because he needs it to feel better about himself. Max also shows that he needs courage when Freak and Mighty are walking the street this one crippled kid with yellow hair says to Max, “Hey you, Doofus! Yeah, you with the hairy face, take it easy with that box, That contains a computer, you know what a computer is!” Which is also just bringing himself down.
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Freak has courage to say that the squirt gun has, “sulfuric acid” and squirts him in the eye, Max would need a lot of courage to squirt killer kane. Max also has a lot of courage when he says“ I saw you do it, I saw you kill my mother. (Pg.129)” In this quote Max has a lot of courage saying that to someone the can kill him. When Max and Freak are running from Tony D’s gang, he has and needs courage in this situation because he needs it so he keeps running faster and faster but he also has some courage when he runs into the pond. That is why I believe that Max has courage threw out Freak the

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