Examples Of Contradictions Of Parenthood

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This essay will discuss the contradiction between our demand that our children be moral and honest and our demand for them to be successful. Parents tend to want their children to have everything they need and hope the best for them throughout life. There are multiple parenting techniques that have come about for the many new parents in today’s society to help them on their journey of parenthood. There are many available resources that a parent can use to learn how to do things correctly. Some parents try to have a balance between coming off as a friend and boss towards their children. Children tend to do things that they see their parents do, do it is a good idea to lead by example. Some parents allow their newborn and young children to sleep in there room, while others put them in a separate room and monitor them with a baby monitor. This also varies from culture to culture. Although there is no single way to say a parent is a better than the other, it is important to put in the time with your children and be there when they need you. Parents may hit many obstacles that become contradicting while raising their children. One contradiction that many have heard about is to never wake up a …show more content…
They are parents that avoid confrontation and allow their children to make mistakes with no consequences for their actions. When it comes to the contradiction between honesty and success, these parents are a walking contradiction themselves. These parents try to teach their children that honesty and success are both great qualities to have. This parenting style is more of the “lead by example” type. If the parents strongly believe in honesty and morals, they will model that for their children. If they believe more in doing whatever it takes to be successful, they will model that for their children. Taking on the role of a friend over the role of a parent can create contradictions of its

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