Starbucks Consumer Culture

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Hanyue Wu
Defining Consumer Culture Consumer culture represents a distinct culture or norm that derives from a group of consumers who shared the same tastes and consumption behaviors. For instance, Apple has its own unique consumer culture. The positioning of Apple includes stylish, tasty, and high quality. And these characteristics also can be found in their consumers. First of all, the price of an Apple product is way much higher than other brands. Consumers who can afford this price indicates that they have a stable income or a wealthy family environment. Secondly, the place which I have seen Apple products a lot are the Starbucks at ASU. The most consumers of Starbucks are middle class, which overlapped with the characteristic of
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And Apple’s advertisements have targeted this consumer culture to attract their consumers. The advertisement that introduced the iPhone X probably is the most impressive one in Apple’s recent propaganda. This advertisement introduced two whole new functions which only an iPhone can do, Face Id and Animoji. These two functions emphasized that everything on the iPhone X is tailored for you (the consumer). The phone will unlock once it recognized your face, not other’s face, and it even can animate emojis according to your facial features. Many consumers have been brought in by this advertisement, which indicates that one of the Apple’s consumer culture is to be unique, to become the special one among millions of people. Furthermore, Apple’s consumers also have a superiority than other brand’s users. I have had a group project in my communication class, and in my group, there was only one guy used android system, and rest of us were using iPhone. And we cannot create group discussion since he did not use IOS system. Then one of the Apple user said to him: “Why would you use an android? Everyone is using an iPhone now, it’s painful that only you use it.” So, the popularity and trend also bring Apple’s consumers a …show more content…
My first time and the most impressive time saw an Apple product is through people around me, and the urge which encouraged me to buy an iPhone also comes from people around me. When the first time I saw an iPhone, the most attractive things it has to me are the interesting apps. I still remembered that how I wish I could have an iPhone when I saw my friend played fruit ninja. However, during that time, iPhone represents a luxury commodity in China and only fewer people can afford it, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable when I did not have one. Years later, when I went to college, Apple became more and more popular in a worldwide range. During the first week at ASU, I have found that most students around me were using iPhone. Then I began to consider that having an iPhone maybe can help me fit to American culture, since almost everyone in here were using it and it is an American brand. From the way how I consumed, I think I’m a passive consumer, and I also believe many people are passive consumers. We can easily be impacted by people around us, as well as our consumption behaviors. Another reason that I believed consumers are passive result from the idea that Paterson (2005) talked about in his book “Consumption and everyday life”. Paterson argued that “In the escalation of

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