Informative Essay: Does Competition Become Successful?

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We all have different views on what competition really is. Competition is used in everyday life. We naturally think that everything is a competition. Since we all view competition differently, then competition can mean different things to us. Competition is a reason why some people are successful. Famous people have used competition to become successful in what they do. That is why we should try to succeed in competition. Competition not only helps success happen and goals become achieved, but it also defines the sense of self.
When competing we all think about what it takes to win. When we push ourselves harder we seem to succeed more. Competition is used widely today to help others succeed. There are athletes out there today that make money
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Success is important in life. In the book ReMix, Latterell (2010) stated that “Sometimes from as early as their toddler years, millions of students are raised to believe that there is nothing more important than success, and nothing that reflects that success more than admittance to a top-tier college”(p. 251). With this being stated, it shows that everyone wants success. During competition you either win or lose. Since this is the case we always want to win so we will do whatever it takes to achieve that success. Latterell (2010) also stated that “In striving to win the competitor is said to test his or her limits, to feel invigorated from the challenge, to experience a sense of sweaty accomplishment that is immensely gratifying” (p. 282). This shows that competition really does help success happen.
Not only does competition help people with success, but it also helps goals get achieved. In many ways, life is a huge competition. We all want to achieve many things. Some people may be better than others which make up the competition in life. Every day we have set our own goals. Goals in which we want to achieve. When we set our own goals we want to push ourselves to reach these goals. It is not easy

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