Examples Of Classroom Management Plan

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Having a good classroom management is the essential element in any educational setting. Students need to feel that they are receiving a good education and that they are safe. Teacher’s need to make sure that they are limiting the inappropriate behavior and making sure that the students are on task. It is the teachers job to make sure that they have the right environment for their students to learn in. If teachers do not have the right classroom management skills, then the students would not be able to learn properly. I believe that by having a good classroom management plan the classroom can turn into a positive learning environment.
The first step to have a well succeeded classroom is making sure that the classroom is well organized, since
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I will encourage my students to read different genres because I want to make sure that my students feel self-assured with their ability. This will help my students develop a passion for reading due to the fact they get to find their own interest from reading different books. According to the article: Independent Reading: Perspectives and Practices of Highly Effective Teachers, it was mentioned that studies confirmed that giving elementary students the chances to create their own selections in reading activities upsurges their enthusiasm to participate (Sanden, S, 2012, P.225). I want to sure that my students find their interest in reading. As a teacher, I will just be there to guide through the process. Students with diverse backgrounds I will have to help out a little more because they may not be familiar with different genres. I would have to do comprehension strategies with the diverse students. While I am reading aloud to my students I want make sure that I am showing my students how to make connections so, that they can model the strategies while they are doing their independent …show more content…
This rule is very important for this class because there are many students in the class. I will make sure that I am consistent with this rule because once students get into this routine of following the instructions they will know how to do it. Another rule that I will have in the class is respect our classmates and use kind words and kind actions. I will teach this in my class by talking about respect and how we should talk to one another. Also it will be demonstrated on how students should treat one another. And another rule that will be implemented in the class is that our class will be based upon that we are a learning community. I will encourage my students that we learn from one another. We will learn from others and listen to what everybody in the class has to say. And by being a community I will encourage my students to have fun. I want them to learn, be engaged and have fun with their

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