Why It Is Important To Be Thankful Essay

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“Weather the cup is half empty or half full, I am still thankful to have the cup” -Anonymous
It is important to be thankful for many reasons. One reason that it is important to be thankful is because it helps me think about other people who do so much for me and to stop thinking about me and what I want. When you are thankful for others and other things it makes you happier and makes you want to do things for others. This will make them thankful for you and what you do. I am thankful for my grandparents, family, and music. I am grateful for my grandparents because the tell me life stories, always have positive attitudes and give me lots of love. My grandparents tell me stories about their lives and how they grew up. I enjoy when they do this and am thankful for this, because it shows me how different they lived verses how I live in this futuristic century. An example of this is when my grandma told me about how when she was little she couldn't bathe more than once a week because her house was not connected to a sufficient water source. Every single time I see my grandparents they would be in happy
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My family makes me feel happy if I ever come home sad. They do this by telling me something funny that makes me laugh, or they go do something fun with me. For example, one day my basketball team lost a game and when I came home, my Mom and Dad took me to see a movie and we had lots of fun. I am grateful for my family because they do so much for me. My family loves to do fun things with me and my brother like go on vacations and go to concerts. My most recent vacation was the Grand Cayman Island in the caribbean islands. No matter what, my family loves me greatly. We will stick together through rough times in our lives and no matter what fights we go through we will love each other. These are a few of the many reasons why I am appreciative for my

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