Conspiracy Theory: The Assassination Of Adolf Hitler

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Assassination of Adolf Hitler
1. My topic, plots to assassinate Adolf Hitler , is an example of a conspiracy theory. 2. Context: Adolf Hitler is known in history as a very corrupt individual. He was the leader of the national socialist german workers party, also known as the nazi party. Growing up Adolf Hitler had a very rough life and began reading into german nationalism as this sparked the many results to come of it. As a young child Adolf hitler had always been the shy sensitive type and his father Alois couldn 't stand it. Developing a hatred for his son it turned him spiraling into a different direction. Adolf hitler wanted to be an artist as a young boy and was belittled and bullied by his father due to not perusing a career as a government
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Side Two: as there are many sides to the conspiracy theory I am narrowing it down to operation valkyrie due to the amount of different angles that could have been taken. Operation valkyrie was in deed an operation that germans proceeded to perform actions in order to blow Adolf hitler into pieces. As hitler walked right into there plan they claimed to have blown him up while officers immediately called his family. However as people thought this was the end to him it was not. On the radio that exact time there were people saying he was actually alive, however severely injured. . 5. The Appeal Factor: this topic pertaining to Adolf Hitler is that of a big one. Hitler having a huge impact in all of the innocent people that died during the holocaust, and in the concentration camps it is of no surprise there are conspiracy theories that followed. The fact that he committed suicide is of no interest due to the boring truth it contains. It is exciting and to most are deemed deserving for him to have passed in a much violent act. Due to all of the people he had killed in the concentration camps many would rather believe he was also killed in a horrific way. This was because it made it seem that he got justice for all those he had

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