What Makes An Effective Teacher

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What makes an effective teacher? An effective teacher is a teacher who successfully teaches students the skills required to learn. They are able to manage the classroom to prevent disruptions, keeping the student’s focused on the lesson or task at hand. Also, an effective teacher considers the students and their specific learning style. Students need to be engaged in a way that appeals to them in order for them to be successful.
A teacher’s effectiveness and successfulness are dependent on their student’s success. An effective teacher sets up a positive learning environment which can be accomplished through little things like decorating the classroom. They not only instruct students, but they model the instructions and make sure the students
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Except, this was during time I should have been receiving academic lessons. By them not being supportive in my academic growth, they allowed for growth and learning in other aspects of life which did play a role in developing who I am and how I learn. During class time, I typically would walk around town with a few other students. We would socialize and did normal stupid kid things which we made mistakes and learned from. I was able to use the time to explore social groups within my school and figure out who I am and what type of person I am. I am still friends with 3 students from my high school, who I see on a regular basis, but deep connections never developed because there was such inconsistency in the school.
Other times, we would hangout in the library and mess around on the computers or nap. I developed a love of reading because without teacher instruction, I read many books of my own choosing in the library. This, I think. was the most important aspect of my up-bringing. Had my teachers given lectures and required us to attend class, I would not have read so many books and learned as much as I did through
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However, my experiences show me the type of teacher I do not want to be and help me define what kind of teacher I want to be. Classroom management and behavior should be prioritized and teachers should have some form of pedagogy. The research supports what I believe an effective teacher is and what I hope to accomplish as a teacher.
In regards to classroom management and behavior, I will create a welcoming and positive learning environment so that students feel safe and secure. I can do this by decorating the classroom and getting to personally know and communicate with the students. This allows the students to feel safe, loved, and cared about, which leaves the students wanting to learn and live up to the standards the teacher sets for them.
The classroom should be a safe place for the students to express their ideas and thoughts. They should actively participate in their learning through discussions and feel comfortable doing so. Thinking of my class as a community allows the class to feel connected and safe. I will consider the student’s background and assess how they best learn. Also, I will assess my own teaching and lessons to determine what works and what needs to be changed. Most importantly, I will consistently be there for my students and make sure they know they can come to me for anything, even when they change grades and are no longer

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