Examples Of An Effective Mathematics Lesson Plan

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What is an Effective Mathematics Lesson Plan?
An effective mathematics lesson plan entails a teacher beginning with opening activities that will activate learner’s prior knowledge of the subject. The teachers will present clearly defined objectives and the reason why students need to learn the lesson. This will help students as well as teachers to concentrate on the important aspects that are implicated within the lesson.
Additionally, teachers should choose problems that promote learning and use strategies that will help students to link the distinctiveness of the problem represented to the mathematical concepts displayed. Mathematics should be fun and engaging. Learners need a hands-on experience with mathematics. Manipulatives are needed
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To add, SIOP model helps the teacher to plainly define what students are expected at the start of the lesson. The perception of the lesson is based upon the students’ age and background. This model helps teachers to develop meaningful activities that will be integrated into the lesson. Learners are able to practice language (Escheverria, Vogt, Short, 2008). Making the content easy to grasp is most important in getting learners to understand what the teacher is trying to convey. Truly, it is important to have objectives aligned with the lesson given from the beginning until the end. The focus should be on making the content comprehensible and making objectives clear, and engaging.
SIOP strengths:
The SIOP model offers great benefits. First, it walks the teacher through a step by step process of executing the lesson plan. Each section of the plan describes how the teacher should introduce, review, and model the instructions so that learners can understand. Furthermore, it shows the teacher how to get learners more engaged in peer discussions and work independently. Last, this model builds on learners’ prior knowledge and helps the teachers to present objectives that learners can achieve (University of Northern Colorado, n.d.).
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Another drawback I found was that gifted individuals found this lesson plan to be repetitive, boring, and lack interest. Gifted individuals would not be engaged in a class discussion that rehearses the same applications step by step over and over again. Certainly, students would become very much disengaged in this process (Wilson, 2015).
In conclusion, an effective lesson plans addresses what learners will be expected to learn. It contains teaching and learning activities that will help learners gain a deeper understanding of what the lesson entails. Plus, it questions students to think critically about their learning, and allow students to teach the lesson and model the appropriate behavior while explaining the lesson. In truth, when a lesson plan is well thought out to and well executed to meet the needs of all learners, it helps the classroom run smoothly.

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