Agent Of Socialization Analysis

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In today’s world, people have different views and position of how to pursue and performed their daily activities and practices. There are different types of social agents that influences who you are? And how this has impacted your life and turn you into who you have become? In my case, family is what has influence the most in my life toward my attitudes, values, and beliefs. Family plays and important part in this transition, but is not the only one. Also, school is another agent of socialization that has influence my life as well. As one will see, how those two agents have help me to become who I am today.

What is family? For me family is, the people who have nurture me, helped through the years, and protected me. Those people are my parents because they have given me the first lessens in live. For example, my mother helped me with my school homework, and taught me how
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Yes, is a place where student attend to be teach by intelligent people call, teachers or instructors. According to Conley, “In addition to helping you learn the three Rs, one of the teacher’s main goals is to properly socialize you-teaching you to share, take turns, resolve conflict with words, be quiet when necessary, and speak when appropriate.”(pg. 214) School is the second agent of socialization that has influence and shape who I am today. When I was in Mexico, I preferred school, then going with my mother to the city during the week. For me leaning was amazing because it felt like I open my eyes to new things each time when I learned something new. After, we moved to the United States, the leaning and the joy of going to school turn into a nightmare. In my experience, sometimes difficult situations occur, but as many say fight to get out of the situation or get loss and do not change, for me that was not an option. The students who were disrespectful made me stronger and motivated me to pursue a degree. Few years later, I gain back the enthusiasm of enjoy class every

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