Advocacy In Mental Illness

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Advocacy in Mental Illness: Defeating Stigma and Improving the Healthcare System
When pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed his airliner into the Alps, killing the 150 passengers on board, people were confused as to his motivations. Investigators went through his records and found that he had been taking neuroleptic medication, and to some extent that they had been involved in the outcome of the incident. Similarly, James Homes, who was behind the rampage murders on the midnight release of Batman, defense lies on that he was insane, and that his medications may have prompted a psychotic episode. These faces of evil are tied not just to their crimes, but to their illnesses and medications. This correlates
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In the U.S only about 1 out of 2 people seek care for mental illness (NAMI). Given the previous example, 50 percent of the homicides may have been preventable had proper treatment occurred. A large reason why people do not seek treatment is due to the stigma surrounding mental health. It has been found that the greatest contributor to the decrease in the stigma of mental health is actually knowing someone with a mental health issue. In a census done on the American public, 61 percent of individuals believed that those with schizophrenia were violent. The U.S. Department of health and human services plans to start a campaign Called Real Men, which hopes to alleviate some of the distress regarding mental illness. The air force was able to cut back deaths due to suicide by 50 percent after implementing a similar campaign. Campaigns that promote the understanding of mental health may ultimately cause a shift in the public perception regarding mental …show more content…
After committing a violent act that forced him to stay at a mental hospital, Bradley Cooper finds salvation in dance. The character routinely avoids his medication, seen pocketing his meds and ultimately not taking them. Critics of the movie suggested that this would increase noncompliance for those on psychiatric medications, which is already a problem faced by the mental healthcare system (citation). While the story is good, Bradley Cooper’s character is still seen as violent and unstable, and the message of not needing one’s medication is detrimental to those with mental

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