Alice In Wonderland Theme

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We’re all mad here in Wonderland
Adolescence is an inevitable process for everyone, part of growing up is discovering who you really are, and who you want to be. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, at first glance seems like nothing, but a childish fairy tale, but has undertones of mature themes. This story utilizes fictional themes, but still capture the morale of how difficult growing up can be. Alice is an ordinary girl who falls down the “rabbit hole” into a psychotic world of madness and impossible situations. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a remarkably creative tale that uses its fictional situations to reflect the dark trial of adulthood and discovering identity. Before revealing the themes of adolescence, let’s talk
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Reality to wonderland is as childhood is to adulthood. It’s abrupt and quite unexpected. The White Rabbit that leads her here is always in a rush, she only barely catches up to the rabbit, and for a short amount of time. This represents how children are hardly capable of keeping up with adolescence; they have a hard time keeping up with the expectations, due to how fast adulthood moves. Right away, she notices how odd Wonderland looks. This is the same as how a child views adulthood: silly and pointless. Alice does, however, adapt to Wonderland, and grow accustomed to her surroundings, same as a child transitioning into an adult. Her first major problem is her changing in size, she constantly grows and shrinks against her will. This is her trying to fit in. A big part of growing up is trying to fit in. She constantly wants to change her size to be comfortable. When we fit in, we feel comfortable. She starts to cry when she can’t solve her problem, similar to a child growing frustrated with their problems. This is the only section of the book where she cries because she is growing. She’s becoming an adult, and faces her problems like an adult. When she finally catches up with the White Rabbit i.e adulthood, he immediately takes authority and tells her what to do. A big part of adulthood is facing authority, more specifically other people’s authorities. When she …show more content…
It reaches out to children with its childish overtone, but reaches out to those who can spot the mature undertones. Lewis Caroll chose this odd setting to emphasize the true madness children see the adult world as. Growing up is a difficult task everyone must face. At first it might seem like a frightening path of never fitting in, being challenged by authority, and at the end of it all, it seems like you’re going to lose your head. If you’re willing to adapt and grow, then this scary Wonderland is no different than your reality

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