Abigail Love John Proctor In The Crucible

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Crucible essay
People would go to extreme measures in the name of love however in Salem 1692 one girl did the unthinkable to try and win the heart of another man in the town which ended up taking a turn for the worse. In the play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller I think Abigail loved John Proctor in the beginning of the play however her motives changed as the story progressed. In the very first act of the play she went to the woods to have Tituba send a spirit to kill his wife because she wanted him all to herself. However as the story went on she was accused of lying by Hale, Proctor, and Mary Warren. Which meant that now she had to worry about keeping herself safe from jail or being hanged. Therefore yes Abigail did love John Proctor in the beginning of the play however as the play went on she was focused on staying safe.
In the beginning of the play Abigail and the girls all go to the woods so Tituba can conjure spirits. Abigail wished for John Proctor then
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As mentioned earlier John did have commit adultery and had an affair with Abigail while his wife was sick. John admits to his crime in hope that Abigail will confess and that his wife would be set free but unfortunately that’s not the case. Abigail stuck in her vindictive ways proceeds to deny that she had an affair with John. At this point Abigail does not care about what happens to John and is only worried about herself and her safety. After John admits to have “known” her Abigail denies it by saying “Mr. Danforth, he is lying!.” If she really loved him she’d do anything to keep him safe to prove her true love to him. The court then believes that John compromised with the devil and accuse him of witchcraft and set him to hang. John confesses to it even though he is innocent in order for Elizabeth to go on with her life and reestablish their family and also to be at peace with

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