My Mom Letter

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Let’s begin with the letter F… I first appreciate my mom because she is very fair.
While there are moms in this world that discriminate between their kids. My mom is very fair in dealing with all of her children and treat all of us the same way without discriminating between us. My mom endeavor to give us similar presents so that nobody feels left out. She also makes a conscious effort to try not to lose her temper with one child more than the other. She also applies rules of discipline impartially to all of us. Yes, she knows each of her children are different and has his or her own temperament. Some of us are easy to talk to and reason with. Others can be stubborn and naughty and needs a firm hand. But no matter what my mom is always fair from disciplining to providing.
For example, One day my one of my brother and
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My mom is my security blanket. No matter how bad of a day she had, she will always be there to listen to me. I talk to her about everything even things that aren’t always easy to talk about. My mom is always available to calm me down as well. Whenever something becomes too much for me, she is there calming down, giving me a hug and telling everything will be ok.

The third reason I appreciate my mom is because she is yappy which represents the letter Y.
Yappy is another word for talkative. Why do I appreciate my yappy mom? I appreciate her being yappy simply because her yappy mouth is what made me into the woman I am today. My mom always have talk to me over and over and again rapidly about life. She made sure that I knew what was right and wrong. I have been raised to be helpful, caring and respectable due to that yappy mouth of my mom. I truly appreciate all of the yelling, screaming and discipline from her yappy mouth because I would not be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for a yappy mom.

Lastly, I appreciate my mom because she is always encouraging which represents the letter

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