Example Restaurant Concept/Marketing Plan Essays

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X Concept: A Mediterranean Restaurant Concept

Prepared for Professor of Restaurant Management
HMT 410
DeVry University – Online

Prepared by Student:

Prepared on xx xx xxxx


Concept Development
Site Selection
Market Analysis
Competition Analysis
Financial Analysis
License & Approvals
Design, Furnishings & Equipment
Menu Development
Employment of Key Personnel
Selection & Training of Key Personnel

My name is XXXXX and I would like to present to you the idea of starting a distinguished restaurant concept called XXXXX cuisine. XXXXX will bring the taste of true Lebanese food into the core of
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Emphasizing on the ‘TRUE’ ethnicity of Lebanese cuisine | 8784 | 8784 | 8784 | 7784 | | |
This matrix will give us a more effective way of analyzing competition. It will also help us in preparing a Strengths and Weaknesses analysis of our restaurant against competition. XXXXX position against competition is primarily to take advantage of a strong market entrance into the Chandler area because this brand will be new and will present the real sense of Lebanese cuisine. Secondly we will take advantage of a competitive pricing strategy which will encourage guests to use our services rather than the competitors’. Thirdly we will constantly and fervently focus on customer service while implanting a passion in our team to serve guests.
Financial Analysis
A feasibility analysis is defined as a study of the cost-benefit relationship of an economic endeavor (“Glover Real Estate Companies”). Another way of understanding feasibility analysis is to

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