Example Of Unbalanced Lifestyles

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Unbalanced Lifestyles If teens and young adults do not maintain that key balance between their work and their life, they can become overwhelmed, stressed and forget the meaning of life, or "the bigger picture,” which can eventually lead to the individual being diagnosed with depression. Having no balance between work and life means one is spending too much or too little time on either. All positive aspects of life like love, happiness, peace, and confidence are what create the idea of “the bigger picture.” They are what’s really important and what your life should truly be focused on.It 's most important that one is happy, and humans can forget that sometimes as they get caught up in life 's struggles. Teens …show more content…
Unhealthy, negative lifestyle practices can become quite stressful and one can easily become mentally ill if they don 't take control of their life. Depression, like all other mental illnesses does develop over time, and stress is a leading cause. When all one does is stress, they may question what they are even living for anymore. If all they are doing is working hard to make a living, they are not truly living to their best potential. We need to feel fulfillment in all aspects of our lives in order to be happy with a healthy lifestyle. "Stress, or being stressed out, leads to behaviors and patterns that in turn can lead to a chronic stress burden and increase the risk of major depression," says Bruce McEwen, PhD, author of "The End of Stress as We Know It." McEwen is right, if we are constantly feeling a burden of stress, we can feel helpless and as if we are losing control. The meaning of life is not to just work until you end up stressed. It 's important for your health to know at what point you must shift your focus from your work to health and rest, or from fun to work. But, if there is no work being done, but a lot of 'playing, ' you will struggle with reaching your goals, dreams and will be quite disappointed with the results. Furthermore, harmful relationships are a part of an unhealthy lifestyle. Strong relationships are important, because if one isolates themselves, they are more prone to depression. These days, everyone 's multi-tasking and at work, so if we don 't make time for ourselves and take breaks, life can turn increasingly stressful. There 's no point in working too much, or too little if it can cause depression and will then affect your working skills and

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