Example Of Steroids In Sports

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In the world of athletics whether it be professional, collegiate or the high school level the athletes that are better, faster, and stronger will always get more play time in addition to moving on to the next level. With the constant pressure to perform put on the athletes by their coaches or even teammates, many athletes look for ways to enhance their performance. However, this is not something that all of sudden happens but occurs in phases. Phase 1 is using no special substances, phase 2 is the discovery of legal products, phase 3 is using products to do the job, phase 4 is products taken, and the final phase is phase 5, products taken to escape and forget.
One example of a steroid athletes rely on is Stanozolol more commonly referred to
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One of the top reasons is because can accessed by anyone who can get on the internet. Other than that it increases the athletes speed and strength without giving them any extra bulk. By building that lean muscle and strength, athletes can outmaneuver their opponents and still be “light” on their feet. This steroid also strengthens tendons as it is used to fight against osteoporosis (Advance Science of Muscle Building, N.A).
Another steroid many athletes turn to is Methandrostenolone a.k.a Dianabol. One of the more popular steroids because it is known for the sole purpose of performance enhancing (Steroid, N.A). This steroid is widely available and is mainly administered through injections even though there are pill version of it. Many users argue the injection provides better results because it is able to enter the system much faster. One of the reasons it is so popular is because it can be stacked with other supplements to produce results whereas some supplements suggest that you do
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Some problematic side effects of winstrol is an increase in your LDL and decreasing your HDL. Another side effect is testosterone suppression resulting in a decrease of testosterone levels below an optimal range. Other effects include loss of hair, deepening of the voice in women and body hair growth (Steroid, N.A). Dianabol side effects include acne, accelerated hair loss, reduction of testosterone, HDL suppression and LDL increases, negative role in blood pressure, and liver toxicity (Steroid, N.A). The side effects of anavar is not much different than other steroids; you do have the acne, hair loss, and testosterone suppression. As for women virilization is a factor because they get clitoral enlargement, menstrual cycle disruption and male pattern baldness to name a few (Association Against Steroid Use, N.A). Athletes often time are very knowledgeable about the risks when it comes to taking steroids and man do not care. The reason for that is because most are concerned with the results in the now and believe that they can handle and deal with whatever negative side effects come later. This is the case more so for men because male pattern baldness is something that will happen anyway. All the other factors are overlooked because they are not in the now and will not contribute to their getting better, faster, and

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