Example Of Selfishness In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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“There is a sufficiency in the world for a man’s need, but not a man’s greed.” - Mahatma Gandhi. In the world, one’s greed will never be satisfied and leads to extreme selfishness. Not only is this true in the world, but it is also true when speaking about a dystopian story with a corrupt government. In the book, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury writes about how Mildred, the government and society and Montag are all examples of selfishness.
Ray Bradbury first describes how Mildred is selfish in the book. After Mildred wakes up after taking all of her pills, she talks to Guy about the show she is watching and about the TV. Bradbury writes, “‘How long you figure before we save up and get the fourth wall torn out and a fourth wall-TV put in? It’s
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18)The quote explains how Mildred wants another TV, and doesn’t seem to care much about the amount of money it costs. This can demonstrate selfishness because Mildred has no consideration for Guy or how hard he may work for his money. Not only is Mildred selfish when it comes to money, but also when it comes to other people. When Guy came home from work one day, Mildred was not very empathetic. The book states, “‘Aren’t you going to ask me about last night?’ he said. ‘What about it?’ ‘We burned a thousand books. We burned a woman.’ ‘Well?’” (Bradbury, pg. 47) The excerpt explains how Mildred doesn’t have a care in the world about the woman that was killed, but only about the TV show she was watching. She was shallow-minded and selfish because she simply didn’t care about the woman that died. Congruently, Mildred was also selfish when Guy was not feeling well and needed to be cared for. Coming home from work, Guy was not feeling well at all. The author says, “‘Will you turn the parlor off?’ he asked. ‘That’s my …show more content…
First, when Guy is meeting Clarisse, they start to talk about his job. Clarisse brings up an interesting topic, “‘Do you ever read any of the books you burn?’ He laughed. ‘That’s against the law!’” (Bradbury, pg. 5) The dystopian setting of the book has a government that reverses the role of firefighters and makes books entirely illegal. This makes the government selfish because they aren’t letting members of society read what was created for them. The government also changed the way schooling is. When Clarisse and Guy meet up again, they speak about why Clarisse isn’t in school. Clarisse tells, “It’s all a lot of funnels and a lot of water poured down the spout and out the bottom, and them telling us it’s wine when it’s not.” (Bradbury, pg. 27) Basically, Clarisse thinks that schooling is unimportant because it seems like a lie to her, similar to the water and wine comparison. The government is teaching things that do not make sense and calling it the new schooling which is selfish because they aren’t teaching the truth about things and only watching out for themselves. Lastly, the government also teaches society about technology in a harmful way. Mildred has a couple friends over one night and they are watching TV. The page describes, “Montag saw a number of bodies fly in the air. ‘Millie, did you see that?’ ‘I saw it, I saw it!’ Montag reached inside the parlor wall and pulled the main switch…The three women

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