Reading Comprehension Strategies Analysis

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What does reading comprehension mean? Reading comprehension is an intentional, active, interactive process that occurs before, during and after a person reads a particular piece of writing. (, 2008-2016) Therefore, simply put, to comprehend reading a person is making sense out of the information they are given. In schools teachers use strategies to help students learn the necessary concepts they need to graduate. Some of the strategies that teachers use are summarized below along with an example of how they can be used with a student who is struggling in reading. Comprehension strategies are approaches to reading used to help students to understand what they are reading. A literature circle is a type of comprehension …show more content…
This is where students work alone on material that is structured around what was just taught. This strategy can take the form of homework, critical thinking questions written on the board or even worksheets the students do after direct instruction is given.
Teachers use the model-lead-test strategy or I do, we do, you with students during the direct instruction phase of a lesson. This strategy has the teacher model what the students are to do, then the teacher and students do the activity together and finally the student does the activity by themselves with the teacher watching to see if the strategy needs to be done from the beginning again.
Peer tutoring is another strategy that teachers use in their classrooms to reach as many of the struggling students as they can without feeling overwhelmed. This strategy has another student who is at a higher level of proficiency helping another student who is at a lower proficiency work on the material in the same class. This can be implemented through a think, pair, and share activity for any type of text or
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After assessing Amanda instructional goals were created then strategies were found to help Amanda reach those goals. The five goals will be worked on in sequence building upon one another.
The first goal Amanda will work on entails her being given a letter or letter combination, and saying the corresponding sound. In my opinion, the approach from the list we were given for this assignment that would work best for this goal would be the model-lead-test strategy. The teacher will show Amanda a card with a letter on it, the teacher will pronounce the sound of that letter, and then have Amanda say the sound along with her. After doing this will several letters the teacher will then show Amanda a letter and have her say the sound without any help, marking how many were correct or

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