Essay On Raunch Culture

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Nice Legs
In modern society, overly sexual representation of women is widely accepted. Women who engage in pornography, stripping, nude photography, and magazines are now accepted. Some women perceive a career in the strip club or pornography as degrading. Other women, like FCP’s (Female Chauvinist Pigs), encourage women to utilize their beauty and/or physical attributes to get ahead. “Their bodies are their instruments” (Nevins 267). This concept of women encouraging other women to objectify themselves to gain success is known as raunch culture. Ariel Levy, author of the book Female Chauvinist Pigs, disagrees with the concept. She says that raunch culture does not represent how far women have come but how far they have to go in this once male
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It is found on the internet, television, radio, and motion pictures! Television shows such as Girls Gone Wild or The Real World are pure examples of raunch culture. The main focus of these shows are the assets of the hot girls, not women apparently, but girls. Shows like this don’t usually focus on the intelligence of the women being televised. It seems like the women do not mind it either. Why? As Carrie Gerlach would say, “Because I have great legs, great tits, and huge tits that God gave to me. Because I want to make my first million before the age of thirty-five.” (271). They are being paid to flaunt their body parts. In their eyes, they are winning this game of male vs. female dominance. Sheila Nevins, executive producer of G-String Divas, would agree with the mindsets of these women. These woman seem to have won because they have the attention and money of men nationwide. Another example of raunch culture would be pop- star Paris Hilton. Her two sexually explicit videos did not make her an outcast because of disapproval, but they actually strengthened her career and made her a star. The more “comfortable” she became with her body, the more fans and popularity she received. Female chauvinist pigs enjoy watching Paris Hilton’s lifestyle and are entertained by television shows such as the ones previously

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