Example Of Play From My Childhood

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This essay will discuss examples of play from my childhood. It will describe and relate the beliefs, values and attitudes of myself and my family and how they have influenced the way I grew up and played while I was young. It will link Jean Piaget, an early childhood theorist and his theory and how the theory I have chosen suggests that adults should support children’s learning and will link with two points from Te Whariki.

Being the oldest of three children with divorced parents and being raised by my mother, we had values such as trust, honesty, that everyone is equal and that respect is earned and not just given. We were raised in a gender neutral home, in the way that we would all have the same responsibilities and play the same, such as climbing trees, riding bikes and playing outdoors. The example from my childhood would be playing outdoors with my two younger siblings. We lived in this one house when I was
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Piaget’s stage of learning called the Preoperational Stage (2-7 years old) is the stage that this essay is discussing; this is the stage where children learn through pretend play but still struggle with logical thinking (Jean Piaget, n.d). Piaget suggested that cognitive development begins with an inborn ability to adjust to the environment, by feeling a pebble or exploring the constraints of a room; young children develop a more accurate picture of their surroundings and greater competence to deal with them (Olds, Feldman, & Papalia, 2009, p. 31). This stage of learning reflects back to my childhood and how I played as a child. Playing outside and exploring with my younger siblings involved discovering new surroundings, new games and activities that we could do and gave us new ideas. Piaget’s theory suggests that children need to explore in order to understand the world and this theory works to support my

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