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Personality traits can often determine how well one performs at work and why certain behavioral traits are more dominant in an individual. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to discuss my personality traits and what strengths and weaknesses are present as a result of these traits. The paper is divided into two sections entitled: Step 1 and Step 2. Step 1 is then divided into five subsections that provide insight into briefly what it means to be considered an Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger as it relates to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Step 2 then discusses what I learned from reading the book entitled Type Talk at Work by Kroeger, Thuesen, and Rutlege and how I plan to use it in the future as I begin managing employees at my current …show more content…
In other words, I enjoy looking at problems in a way that produces a logical solution. One of my favorite past times at work is when I am able to look at an issue and find a more efficient or effective way to approach the issue in the future. I believe that this is a strength in most cases; however, I have been known to irritate coworkers by constantly attempting to make our work environment run more smoothly and efficiently. However, this can be considered a weakness by some, because I can get caught up in my desire to change which others deem to “not be broken”. Also, I can become very vague in my approach where those that tend to lean toward sensory traits would prefer for me to have concrete and definitive answers.
Thinker Personality Trait The next trait that plays a dominant role in my personality is known as the thinker trait. As a thinker, I tend to thrive on approaching any work related task from an analytical perspective. I rarely overreact and process information in a logical and thought out manner. However, that does not mean that I do not have compassion for others as a case manager for homeless veterans, I feel for their struggle but I am able to distance myself enough from the issues to remain a more reserved neutral guide that allows for self-determination on the veterans’ part to determine the outcomes of his or her stabilization plan.
Judger Personality
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As an introvert, I tend to place a majority of my energy focusing on my own internal struggle to understand the world around me. I also am generally able to learn new concepts rather quickly, and have been told at work that I am able to catch on to new ideas faster than the majority of my fellow employees. However, I also have had to teach myself to feel comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, and I have a problem with failure and being wrong. Therefore, I can overanalyze a situation, and have been known to spend valuable time looking at very angle instead of acting due to wanting to be right or fearing that I might be criticized. The fear of rejection has plagued me over the course of my lifetime; however, it is something that I am working on and plan to try to reach out of my comfort zone in the future to expand my abilities and

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